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Professional teeth whitening procedures are far more successful than over-the-counter choices in making your teeth whiter and brighter. Our Doctors can help you brighten your teeth with several shades and give you the smile that lights up the room by using both in-office and at-home procedures.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

At 20 l 30 Dental Studio, we offer the most  popular  teeth  whitening methods available: Zoom® and the KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System.

Both options have multiple advantages; but, depending on your goals, and oral health, the right treatment is selected for you.


The Zoom® teeth whitening procedure entails a  one-hour  and  half  in- office teeth whitening session. The  outcomes  should  be  instantaneous after the therapy is finished. Following proper tooth isolation and the administration of a desensitizer, 4 to 15-minute sessions involving the application of the whitening gel are conducted.

This method can be effective for mild to moderate discoloration and

staining; however, it may not be appropriate for those who have deep, dark stains along with their teeth.


This option is intended for stains and discoloration  that  are  more severe. The KöR® Whitening system’s superior whitening gel can effectively remove stains that are too deep for Zoom® to remove.

Furthermore, KöR® Whitening is recognized to have a much lower rate of teeth sensitivity after treatment. However, the KöR® Whitening

system comprises a multi-stage treatment process that includes both at-home and in-office therapy.

KöR® offers  cost-effective  solutions  from  phenomenal  home  whitening for average patients to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases—

and everything in-between. At 20 l 30 Dental Studio, we provide:

KöR® Home: it comes in 2 types: KöR-Night™ and KöR-Day™.

Nighttime whitening is always more effective than daytime whitening.

KöR® Max – best selling: it is a versatile and super-effective whitening system that combines at-home whitening with a single in-office

whitening   visit.

KöR® Ultra: delivers astonishing whitening results on   persistent   cases such as fluorosis and dark geriatric staining.

KöR®  Ultra-T:  is  specifically  developed  to  deliver  truly  exceptional

results on cases of tetracycline staining that were once thought to be untreatable.

Great Results


Ultimately, the optimal treatment for you will be determined by your personal goals as well as the extent and type of stains on your teeth.

A member of our dental staff will discuss your options and propose the best treatment for you when you come in for your initial oral evaluation  and  consultation  at  our  facility.

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