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Oral Hygiene

At 20 l 32 Dental Studio, we provide the most advanced technology, and the choice of digital intraoral x-rays, enabling us to take more accurate images for complete diagnostic evaluation. Our practice also performs 3D x-ray technology evaluations and observations to ensure healthy oral hygiene.


Invisalign is an innovative, removable appliance that can help achieve a straight smile for patients who have difficulty undergoing traditional metal braces


A whole dental smile makeover, commonly known as 'The Hollywood Smile', is a popular treatment at 20l30 Dental Studio. It's a set of Supra Natural White teeth that are precisely aligned and appealing. It considers the color of the skin, the location of the gums, the color and size of the front teeth, and, of course, the position of the upper teeth in relation to the lower lip.


This treatment is renowned for its ability to minimize the wrinkles on the face. The Anti-Wrinkles Injections work by blocking chemical signals from neurons that cause muscles to contract. The most typical application of these injections is to relax facial muscles that generate creases in the forehead and around the eyes for a certain period of time.


Our Restorative Dentistry team will help you maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. We provide well-designed treatment plans and small-scale dental services to help you lead a healthy life.


Professional teeth whitening procedures are far more successful than over-the-counter choices in making your teeth whiter and brighter. Our Doctors can help you brighten your teeth with several shades and give you the smile that lights up the room by using both in-office and at-home procedures.