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A whole dental smile makeover, commonly known as 'The Hollywood Smile', is a popular treatment at 20l30 Dental Studio. It's a set of Supra Natural White teeth that are precisely aligned and appealing. It considers the color of the skin, the location of the gums, the color and size of the front teeth, and, of course, the position of the upper teeth in relation to the lower lip.


The Perfect Smile 

Everyone wants a bright and shining smile to improve their career and personal prospects. If you have chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, or discoloration, a complete smile makeover is a great alternative.

Many restoration and rejuvenation procedures are combined with a smile makeover to improve the looks of your smile. It combines aesthetic, dentistry, and facial rejuvenation techniques to give you a celebrity-like ‘Hollywood grin’.

Our dentists examine the teeth’ shape, structure, size, and bite, as well as their overall oral health. They also look for tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues to see if the client is fit for the treatment.


Best Solutions 
The procedure entails bonding composite or ceramic laminate veneers to the teeth surface:

Composite Bonding 
It involves using white filling material to repair chipped teeth, reshape teeth, close gaps between teeth, or target discolored teeth.

Veneers are the reason behind the famous “Hollywood smile”. They are thin layers of porcelain that are placed over a chipped, discolored, misshapen, or dislocated tooth with or without minimal prepping.

Great Before After Results

We want to make Smile Makeover treatments more accessible to a wider range of people. 20 l 32 Dental Studio provides a Free  Consultation to choose the best method for your teeth to make them look flawless and natural to others.

All of this is feasible within your financial constraints.

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