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This treatment is renowned for its ability to minimize the wrinkles on the face. The Anti-Wrinkles Injections work by blocking chemical signals from neurons that cause muscles to contract. The most typical application of these injections is to relax facial muscles that generate creases in the forehead and around the eyes for a certain period of time.


Botox® Injections: Uses And Results

This treatment injections are used to eliminate Crow’s feet, Glabella or 11 lines, forehead lines, and more.

An experienced Doctor administers this drug through injection.

When treating eye diseases, muscle stiffness/spasms, and wrinkles, it is injected into the afflicted muscles (intramuscularly). Additionally, it is injected into the muscles of the head and neck to avoid migraines. As for the treatment of excessive perspiration, it is injected into the skin (intradermally). Besides, this drug is injected into the salivary glands to treat drooling and excessive saliva.

Your reaction to therapy will decide the dose, the number of injections, injection site, and frequency to receive the medication. Most people see a difference within a few days to two weeks, and the impact lasts 3 to 6 months on average.


Great Before and After Results

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